By working with appraisal districts, Personal Property Pro has become the go-to software to ensure accuracy and completeness in the rendition process. Not only does it streamline and automate much of the rendition process, it helps prevent late or inaccurate filings. The benefit is clear - Not only is the cost and time in handling renditions reduced, but the chance of making an error for which you might be liable for is reduced as well.

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"As a small business owner of 6 Burger King restaurants, I found your software 'Personal Property Pro' invaluable in helping us prepare our Personal Property Tax returns in Florida.  Your customer service and technical support was excellent."

- Glenn Levins, President, The Phoenix Organization
  Boca Raton,

"We have been using Personal Property Pro for several years now and it is fantastic. It is very easy to use and the technical support is great!"

- Claudia Baker, Weld, Bowman & Company
  Houston, TX

“Prior to using Personal Property Pro we prepared all of our clients’ Business Personal Property Renditions by hand. With over 500 a year, it was so time-consuming to prepare them that we barely broke even on what we charge the client. Since using PPP we increased our profit margin for this activity by approximately 60%. It’s a great program for any firm that provides this service to their clients.“

- Ron Curry CPA, Ronald B Curry Inc
  Yukon, OK

'Personal Property Pro Software has been a huge asset for our firm’s needs in that it provides various reports that are needed and/or associated with Business Personal Property renditions. The Appointment of Agent, Rendition, and Notice of Protest forms, as well as the FMV calculations, have been extremely useful for us. The program is simple to use and navigate. Their staff is thorough in making sure all the forms are compliant with each county. We deal with 12 different counties and have never had an issue with any form being kicked back to us in the six years we have used the software. With the help of Personal Property Pro, we generate a nice revenue from the preparation of the renditions. I highly recommend Personal Property Pro software!'

- Dianna Fiveash, Dirkse & Associates
  Rockwall, TX
"I switched from SaxTax to Personal Property Pro this year. You converted my SaxTax data for me and everything worked perfectly. Thank you so much for your concern and helpfulness. I know I've chosen the right company for my Tangible Personal Property returns."
Update: This was my first year using Personal Property Pro after using a much more expensive plan for many years. I could not be more satisfied.

- Jim Pardee, James A Pardee Accounting
  DeLand, Florida

"This has been an exciting year using Personal Property Pro.  The savings have been unbelievable and the willingness for the Appraisal Districts to accept its values, along with the ability to maintain Asset listing detail is great. Wonderful Product! Victron will definitely be renewing this year!"

- Robin Farmer, Victron Energy, Inc
  Waxahachie, TX
''In the eight years I've been in business, I've never had a company provide such excellent customer service for their software as you do for Personal Property Pro.'

- Paul Hicks, Paul Hicks & Associates
  Tyler TX

"I have been using Personal Property Pro for several years now, and I love it!"

- DaRenda Hanson, Onstott & Associates, Inc
  Oklahoma City, OK

"We've been using Personal Property Pro for several years.  The software is very easy to use, and the technical support has been outstanding.  We can't imagine doing Property Tax Returns without it.  You ROCK!"

- RoxAnne Weinzel, Martha L. Dunham CPA
  Midland, TX

"Personal Property Pro is the perfect software product for generating business personal property renditions.  The speed in which it processes returns is amazing.  We used to do all of these returns by hand each year.  Now all of the prior information is retained in the program and all we have to concentrate on is the additions and/or deletions for the year."

- Bob Hoppe, Danley & Associates, Inc.
  Lawton, OK

"This year we switched from SaxTax to Personal Property Pro.  They converted all of our SaxTax data for us, and their technical support exceeded expectations.  Their software is easy to use and generates professional returns as well as several helpful reports.  We highly recommend Personal Property Pro and the company that stands behind it."

- Michael S Mermelstein, Mermelstein Hidalgo LLP
  Coral Gables, Florida

"Your software is great!!! It has reduced the staff time to prepare property renditions to a fraction of what it used to take. Having the prior years information already on the form is wonderful."

- Vickie Ogden, Walters & Bailey CPA Inc.
  Tulsa, OK

"The Florida Tangible returns look great!  Inputting assets was very smooth.  Easy learning curve to get up and running.  I highly recommend Personal Property Pro."

 - Richard Barber, CPA, PA
   Winter Springs,

"I love your program!  I am a small office, but I had to do all of the Rendition Reports myself this year because of a personnel change. I was really apprehensive because I also do all of the 300+ tax returns that my office prepares. After the first one or two renditions, it was so easy.  99% of my renditions are already mailed and I am a happy camper.  Thank you very much.  I know how easy next year will be."

- Kent Todd, W Kent Todd Bookkeeping & Tax
  Broken Arrow, OK

"In today's business environment tax professionals are trying to work smart not hard.  We try to use the latest tools to accomplish tasks more efficiently and get good quality work out as soon as possible.  After reviewing your demo and tired of doing returns by spreadsheet or by hand, I discovered that Personal Property Pro is a good investment. I truly feel anyone in this business should take a look at your software and discover how it can help them work smarter and more efficiently."

- Juan Dominguez RFC, CEP, Dominguez Business Services, LLC
  McAllen, TX

"Our firm has been using Personal Property Pro software now for over 5 years. We currently handle over 100 personal property renditions annually. The software has reduced our preparation time by more than half, and training our new staff to use the software is quick and easy. Also, the software is a great tool for keeping track of which renditions still need to be completed before the annual due date. We also like the fact that the developers keep working on new improvements to the software that makes us even more efficient. We would recommend the software to anyone who prepares personal property renditions."

-  Glenn Elliott, CPA, Elliott, Dozier and Helland, PC
   Tulsa, Oklahoma

"I recently decided to switch to "Personal Property Pro" for my Florida Tangible tax returns. I was impressed with their personalized customer care and proficient technical support. They were able to seamlessly transfer all of my SaxTax client data and the software seems user-friendly. The software has some great features such as batch printing and the ability to save returns as PDF files. I am glad I made the switch."

- Pamela Lynch, CPA, PA
  Alpharetta, GA

"I have been using PPP for several years. It has cut down on my prep time for business personal property returns...It is the best return on investment that I have in my business."

- Janet Guest CPA
  Tulsa, OK

"'I just did my first Florida Tangible return using Personal Property Pro, and I love it. Wish I had known about it sooner.'

- Irene Menendez-Guerrero, Enrolled Agent, Menendez Tax & Accounting Services
  Coral Gables,

"I prepare business property renditions for many of our clients. It was a job that I never looked forward to until I started using Personal Property Pro.  I was surprised at how quickly I was able to navigate through the program and complete the reports.  Personal Property Pro is a user friendly program that makes a complicated task easy to do.  Thanks to Personal Property Pro for making my job a little easier!"

- Claudia Ledesma, Hugly & Company, PC
  Dallas, TX

"After using SaxTax software for several years, I have switched to Personal Property Pro for my tangible returns.  They converted all of my SaxTax data for me, including the assets, making the transition effortless!  Their technical support was outstanding.  I recommend Personal Property Pro to anybody looking for a great product with excellent technical support.  To top it off, I saved over $200!"
- Virginia G England, CPA
"We use Personal Property Pro to file renditions in 18 counties in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida for our Sonic franchises.  Personal Property Pro is very easy to use.  We highly recommend it."

- Mark Valentin, Castleberry Investments Inc
  Elk City, OK

"Our firm switched from SaxTax to Personal Property Pro. The conversion of data was easy due to technical support. The program cost was much less!! We are very happy so far with the service and attention that we have been given. Thank you, Personal Property Pro."

- Diane L. Roeder CPA PA
  Clearwater, Florida

"Your Personal Property Tax software is awesome. Easy to learn, extremely quick data input, and we now have another revenue-generating piece of business."

- Stephen Scheller, CPA, CMA
  Irving, TX

"I switched from SaxTax to Personal Property Pro for my Florida tangible returns this year.  They converted my SaxTax data for me the same day that I ordered their software, and everything looks flawless.  I feel very comfortable with my first impression of their product and service, and I'm looking forward to working with them for many years."

- Paul Glance CPA

"Please renew my subscription. I love your software."

- Robert M. Castleberry CPA/ABV, CVA, CSA, CSRP, Castleberry & Associates, PC
  Norman, OK

"I am very pleased with your software.  It has been very easy to learn and I have had no downtime from the conversion from SaxTax."

- Linda Patterson CPA, PA

"I cannot thank your support team enough for their time, and for your Personal Property Pro software.  Personal Property Pro has cut the time of doing renditions down to next to nothing.  Personal Property Pro does everything necessary to prepare our renditions except sign them.  I really appreciate the technical support and the program.  It’s made my job easier."

- Chris Martin, H G Martin, Jr., CPA, PC
  Midwest City, OK

"My clients and I have been thoroughly impressed with Personal Property Pro.  The ease of use and accuracy of the software has reduced the time to prepare renditions by at least 75%.  Moreover, it has caught a number of errors that would have otherwise caused an increase in the taxable value of property. In one instance it literally saved one of my clients $1,700.  The software has paid for itself several times over."

- Michael Saegert, Attorney at Law
  Houston, TX
"I don't like working on Business Personal Property Tax renditions.  My firm used to prepare those renditions by hand or by typing them.  I was lucky to make any profit by preparing them.

Things changed for the better when we started using Personal Property Pro software to prepare the annual Business Personal Property Tax renditions for our clients. The software is easy to use and to update year to year.  The most powerful feature is that you have a proforma'd rendition to work with for each client.  Then you only have to mark the asset list for those assets disposed of and just add the new acquisitions.  It is much faster and easier - and I can provide a better product to my client at a profit.

All renditions we have prepared on behalf of our clients have been accepted by the various county taxing authorities. I have found the software to be affordable and the customer service very good. I would highly recommend Personal Property Pro to any CPA firm.

- Craig W. Headlee, CPA
  Dallas, TX

"I love using Personal Property Pro.  This year it will be even easier since I don't have to reenter assets!  Thanks for all of your help."

- Sherri Hooper, Hale and Company
  Edmond, OK

"I found Personal Property pro to be extremely helpful in filing renditions this year. The software was very easy to use and required almost no learning curve to become proficient in its use. I plan on using it next season."

- Sam Ogden, Ogden Companies Inc
  Colleyville, TX

“We loved using PPP this year. The rendition forms were great since all the county information was filled in with a simple click of the mouse. The ease of client setup and the ability to import all the current and prior years assets from our tax software was a definite time saver.  PPP software enhanced the services we offer our clients and the support was excellent.”

- G Rae CPA, Briscoe Burke & Grigsby LLP
  Tulsa, OK

"Based on our recent experience, Personal Property Pro was a great purchase for us! We found the program to be very user friendly, the option to import depreciation schedules to be a time saver, and the technical support extremely responsive. We anticipate that the program will save even more time next year since the majority of our client data was entered this year and will roll forward."

- Heather Banks, Rylander, Clay & Opitz LLP.
  Ft Worth, TX

"I love using Personal Property Pro.  It's a real time saver.  It cuts the amount of time it takes to fill out the Form 901 returns by at least half.  I can't imagine going back to filling them out by hand."

- Jamie Nolen-McElyea, Nolen's Accounting & Tax Service, Inc
  Del City, OK

"Personal Property Pro will save me at least 30-40 minutes on every county rendition."

- Marvin Morse, Morse & Company
  Tulsa, OK

"PPP has sped up our form 901 preparation. Next year will go even faster because the mundane data entry is done and checked for accuracy. I really appreciate your technical support..."

- Chris Martin, H G Martin, Jr., CPA, PC
  Midwest City, OK

"I installed the program and registered today without any problems. I've even prepared our first return and really like the program and its ease of use."

- Jay Huelskamp, Elmer & Associates
  Edmond, OK

"I love your program."

- Mike Reynolds, Explorer Pipeline
  Tulsa OK