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Personal Property Pro - Version Information (within the program, click on Help/About to see your current version)

Version 18.0.0
2022-01-12 Version 18.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2022
2020-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 16.0)

Version 17.0.0
2021-01-12 Version 17.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2021
2020-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 16.0)

Version 16.0.0
2020-01-10 Version 16.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2020
2019-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 16.0)

Version 15.0.0
2019-01-10 Version 15.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2019
2018-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 15.0)

Version 14.0.0
2018-01-11 Version 14.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2018
2017-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 14.0)

Version 13.0.0
2017-01-11 Version 13.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2017
2016-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 13.0)

Version 12.0.0
2016-01-06 Version 12.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2016
2015-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 12.0)

Version 11.0.0
2015-01-10 Version 11.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2015
2014-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 11.0)

Version 10.0.0
2014-01-11 Version 10.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2014
2013-12-?? (no Early Bird was released for Version 10.0)

Version 9.0.0
2013-01-08 Version 9.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2013
2012-12-27 Early Bird release of Version 9.0 Build 000 - for testers only

Version 8.0.0
2012-01-05 Version 8.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2012
2012-12-28 Early Bird release of Version 8.0 Build 000 - for testers only

Version 7.0.0
2011-01-04 Version 7.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2011
2011-01-24 Enhanced ability to reload FMV default county values from the FMV Setup window.
2011-02-02 Added 'Do Not File' to list of 'Return Status' drop-down list.
2011-02-11 Removed the '-2' at the end of account/folio numbers for Miami-Dade2 county returns.
2011-02-21 Fixed an issue where Oklahoma returns were flagging 901-Other to print instead of 904-A by default.

Version 6.0.0
2009-12-28 Version 6.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2010
2010-02-05 Updated all Texas FMV county depreciation factors for those whom we hadn't received their 2010 schedules yet.
                 Added ability to 'hide' clients so they don't show up in the client list.
                 Modified 'Client List' report to show unhidden clients (the default) or to show only the hidden clients.

Version 5.0.0
2009-01-02 Version 5.0 Build 000 : Mandatory Update for tax year 2009
2009-01-08 Added ability to UPPER CASE the transmittal letter, extension letter and slip sheet.
2009-01-09 SaxTax conversion issue: Fixed problem with opening up an existing client and the return due date is 5/1/2009 instead of 4/1/2009
                 SaxTax conversion issue: Fixed problem with dashes being stored in the Account/Folio # for some counties, and causing the last digit to be truncated.
2009-01-13 Fixed error created on 01-09 where opening a Florida client that didn't have an account/folio # resulted in an 'Invalid Use of Null' error.
2009-01-14 Made cosmetic changes to Harris County forms similar to the forms they posted on their site today (BPP and VEH)
2009-01-17 Clients screen: Added ability to type a letter and find the first/next Client (by Owner or Corporation) that starts with that letter.
2009-02-03 Added 'New/Used' option for assets in Florida.
                 Added Nueces, TX FMV table data.
                 Added scroll-wheel functionality to Clients screen and all asset entry screens.
2009-02-20 Fixed bug on Oklahoma return where owner was out-of-state and additions were not printing on page 2.
2009-03-03 Fixed typo on Florida page 1.
2009-03-19 Updated Present Value tables for Bell, Brazoria, Cameron & Williamson counties in TX.
                 Added several asset categories for Bell county, TX.
2009-04-02 Added the following asset categories to several counties in Texas:
                        Medical Equipment (high tech) - 5 year life
                        Digital Equipment - 6 year life
                        Restaurant Fast Food Equipment - 8 year life

Click here for complete version history.

Steps to Install this Update (the most recent update includes all prior updates):

If you need to move the program from one computer to a different computer, click here for additional instructions, then continue at step 8 below.

From the computer where you originally installed the software (Desktop if Single-User license or the Server if Multi-User Network license):

  1. If you are already using Personal Property Pro, make a note of the location where it is currently installed.

    The default location for the installation is C:\Program Files\Personal Property Pro\ but you may have installed it to a different location.  To find where the program is currently installed, start PPP and click on the menu item 'File' then click on 'Database Functions'.  You will be in the 'Manual Backup' area.  Note the path in the green box.  This is the full path to where your data is stored.  The program was installed in the folder right above the \_~private\ folder.  This is where you need to install Personal Property Pro so it will open up your existing clients. Do not install the program into the \_~private\ folder, but the folder directly above it.
  2. If you have entered any client data previously (you used the program last year or you entered real client data running the DEMO that you wish to keep), we recommend you compact your database and then back it up:

        a. Compact the database (Click on menu item File then Database Functions, then Compact Database... click the 'Compact Database Now' button).
        b. Backup your data within the program: (Click on File/Database Functions...Manual Backup... click the 'Backup Database Files Now' button)
            ...backup to a different location such as an external flash drive to make sure you have a separate copy.
  3. Close Personal Property Pro.
  4. Uninstall your current version of Personal Property Pro via Windows

    NOTE: This year's version does uninstall last year's version automatically, but it is a good practice to uninstall last year's version first.  When you uninstall the program you will not lose your data. 

    To uninstall: for XP click on Start, Control Panel, Add-Remove Programs...select Personal Property Pro ... remove.
    ...if running Windows 7-8-10+ or Win2008+ click Start, Control Panel, Programs and Features... select Personal Property Pro ... remove

    Do not manually delete any folders or files after the uninstall or you might lose your data.  The critical folder is called \_~private\ which is beneath the main directory where you installed Personal Property Pro.  This folder contains your data files (dbData.mdb and dbCoSetup.mdb) and your customized transmittal letter files.

    If you are running the program in a network environment, and you installed previously to a mapped drive (you installed it directly to something like [Z:\...]), be sure you are connected to that drive before uninstalling the software.  To make sure you are connected to the mapped drive, from the server machine, click on My Computer and look at the Mapped Drive listed.  If under the 'Type' column it says 'Disconnected Network Drive', click on the drive once and your operating system should connect to it and it will change the 'Type' column to 'Network Drive'.  Then you can uninstall the software using Start/Control Panel/etc.
  5. Run the installation program called PPP2022-Program.exe (click to start it). 
    The full URL path is http://www.personalpropertypro.com/installation/PPP2021-Program.exe

    When it asks you for the location, install the program to the same location you used last year (if applicable) from step 1. 
    The installation will install the program to C:\Program Files\Personal Property Pro\ by default.
  6. Start the program by clicking on the icon created on the desktop (Blue 'P' inside a white square).
    The program may ask you to automatically register.  Answer 'Yes'.
  7. Click Help, then click Register, and then register (or re-register) your software with your registered email address. 

    If this is the first time registering it will say 'DEMO' in the email address text box, otherwise it will already have your registered email address.  Registering/re-registering will set or update your license to the current version, current tax year, etc.  If you get a message that the 'Location ID has changed...', then you must run the program and register it from the computer that you originally registered from.  If you do not know which computer it was registered from, call us at (918) 252-1157 and we will help you.
  8. Verify that your clients are there (if you used the program last year) by clicking on 'Clients'.

    If you had clients before and now you only see the Sample clients that ship with the program, you have installed the program to a different location than last year, or you are installing it on a new computer.

    NOTE: Version 6.0 and later can find and restore a database from a different location from within the program and restore it to the location where it is running from now.  To do this, click on menu item 'File' then click on submenu item 'Database Functions'.  Click on the 'Restore Database' tab and follow the instructions.

    Rather than restoring a database from a different location as noted above, you may instead decide to install the program to the same location as last year.  If this is the case, uninstall the program, find where you installed the program before, and install the program to the same location as last year.  You may have to do a search on 'dbData.mdb' (in a location other than where you just installed PPP).  It will be located in a folder named \_~private\.  Be sure to install the software it to the folder above \_~private\ and not in \_~private\.  For example, if you find the old dbData.mdb file in a path called C:\SomeFolder\_~private\ then you need to install the program to C:\SomeFolder\
  9. Open a client by double-clicking it.  When the client data window opens, click on 'Preview Return' to view page 1 of the return on screen. Print the page.  Close the program.  This will verify that the main parts of the program are functional.

  10. If you save returns as PDF files within Personal Property Pro please see www.personalpropertypro.com/FontFix to resolve a potential issue.

Special Note: When making a major version upgrade (from version 13.x.x to version 14.x.x): If you are running Personal Property Pro in a Multi-User environment, you must uninstall your PPP 'Network Client Configuration' Program on each workstation machine and reinstall the new PPP Workstation 2018 program.  The email we sent you after your purchase will contain specific instructions on how to do this.  This usually only needs to be done once per year (version 13.x to version 14.x etc)

Please contact us by email if you have any questions, or call us at (918) 252-1157

Be sure to register or re-register your email address by clicking on 'Help/Register' from within the program.  This will activate your license for the current year, set the number of returns for your license, etc.