All Sample Returns were created by Personal Property Pro

You may need a recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader (7.0+) to view these sample returns.

bullet Oklahoma - Forms approved by the Oklahoma Tax Commission:
    Form 901 Page 1
    Optional Oklahoma County page 1 format similar to, and accepted by Oklahoma County

    Form 901 page 2
    Form 901 Other Information

    Form 901-P Page 1 - Form 901 for Petroleum Related companies (slightly different Asset Categories).
    Form 901-P Page 2

    Form 901-F - Freeport Exemption.  Applies to both 901 and 901-P.

    Form 904 Sch 3A - Complete asset listing grouped by category, required by, the Oklahoma Tax Commission.
bullet Texas: Forms - Our main BPP form 50-144 is approved by the Texas Comptroller's Office (800) 252-9121
    Freeport Exemption - State form 50-113, along with Worksheet and Affidavit.
    Appointment of Agent - State form 50-162 (also approved by the Texas Comptroller's Office)
    Notice of Protest - State form 50-132
    Application for Exemption of Mixed-Use Motor Vehicle - State form 50-759

    We also have a generic extension request form for filing 15 or 30 day extensions for all Texas counties.
bullet Texas: Harris County
    Form 22.15 Page 1 facsimile - Virtually identical to Harris County's form.
    Form 22.15-VEH facsimile - Virtually identical to Harris County's form.
bullet Texas: Dallas County
    Dallas County Rendition Page 1 - Virtually identical to Dallas County's return
    Dallas County Rendition Page 2 - All asset costs totaled by category and year!
bullet Texas: Tarrant County - Virtual duplicate of Tarrant County page 1 and 2
    Tarrant County Page 1
    Tarrant County Page 2 - With '% Good' calculations!  Is that you I hear shouting 'Hallelujah!' ?
    Supplemental Schedule - Prints 'Property under Bailment, Lease' etc and also 'Other Assets' information
bullet Texas: Other Counties
    Forms approved by the Texas Comptroller's Office (800) 252-9121 for ALL 254 counties in Texas
Texas Rendition Page 1
    Texas Rendition Schedules A, B, C, D - Schedules are grouped and subtotaled by asset/inventory category
Note: For the largest 20 counties in Texas (plus Webb, Johnson & Midland counties), when accessing the Asset/Inventory section of the program, you can assign asset categories as they are listed on each counties return!  Our schedules A-B-C-D prints out all of these assets, grouped and sub-totaled accordingly.  In the demo, see the Anderson county sample return for an example.  All other counties can pick from a list of 20 of the 'most common' asset categories found in the top 20 counties, which covers everything.
bullet Florida:
    Form DR-405 Page 1 - Virtual duplicate of the form Florida State form DR-405 (67 counties with the exception of Citrus)
    Form DR-405 Page 2 - Unlimited number of lines per section
bullet All 3 States:
    Assets - Additions and Deletions report for the current year (Texas and Florida).
    Assets - Cross-Tab Summary report (Table listing all costs by Year and Asset-Category.  Asset categories vary by county.)
    Assets - Generic Asset Listing (Option to sort and group by Asset-Category, Year Acquired, etc.)
                  Recommended for counties that want a list of asset costs on the form, grouped by category and year acquired.